We believe that
No learners left behind!

Education + Technology

We believe that no learners should be left behind! It is Educ8’s mission to make sure online learning is accessible to every learner of the world. Democratising not only EdTech, but education for everyone to enjoy!

Who is Educ8?

Educ8 is the leading educational technology provider that prides itself with making online education simple and easy. With our partners, we customise solution dedicated to your educational or training needs. We’re a one-stop place for online learning, providing you with the right tools and support for distance learning.

We enable online learning
Design courses
On the go learning
Connect virtually
Access to academic resources
Help that you need
We help you teach in a digital world

We drive continual growth for clients through our end-to-end marketing solutions. We do everything from strategy and creative to implementation, development, analytics and optimization.


A power that everyone has. Education as the key to success is now limited due to the pandemic, we sought a solution that make education befits in the modern world.


With the power of technology, modern education is now introduced. We, Educ8 provide the right tools and support for Distance Learning.