About Us



To be the premier Educational Technology provider, democratising educational technology solutions to every learner around the world.


We provide a holistic educational technology solution for academic and corporate clients. Providing them a customised solutions to their learning needs.


To be the premier Educational Technology provider, democratising educational technology solutions to every learner around the world.

Why us?

Educ8 provides a holistic educational solution to online learning and teaching. We offer schools and corporations complete educational tools to learn and teach online without building a system from scratch or hiring an IT team. Schools and corporations can leverage the experience that Educ8 has to further enhance their ability to teach online.

Educ8 understands that online learning is challenging and different from traditional education. At Educ8, we try to minimize the learning curve by providing a product that teachers and learners can already understand their involved needs.


Where it all started

When the pandemic started, there was a severe lack of Educational technology here in the Philippines. Schools are then forced to create their own solutions on how they would proceed to the school year. Jumping to the present, there are a lot of complaints towards online learning. Many students even admitted that they hardly learn anything from their online classes.

So Aldrin, along with Alex, started Educ8 EXP, a one stop place for online learning. The intention of the company is to help learners and educators to battle the current struggles of online learning.

To provide a holistic solution to online learning that won’t break the bank. Thus we will provide them a holistic solution instead of them acquiring multiple subscriptions, we will be a one stop place for online learning.

What you must know about us

Technology as a pillar of education

Rather than being just a complementary tool for learning, technology has evolved into a necessary requirement. The COVID-19 pandemic set the precedent for e-learning with the temporary prohibition of face-to-face learning. While it has abruptly introduced the concept of distance learning for everyone nationwide, it also exposed how largely unprepared the education sector was towards making this shift. Both private and public schools grappled with adapting to the new norm in education, with many throwing additional manpower for its development. On the other hand, schools without a unified system have faced problems regarding the standardization of classes and its regular maintenance. With SY. 2020-2021 becoming the first ever school year for the adoption of e-learning throughout the country, innovation and the use of digital solutions which are fast, secure and reliable are an imperative need.

Access contents and courses remotely

There is no limit to learning as you can fully access courses anywhere across any device — no need to install apps or software on your computer or smart phone. Simply login to the website and let the learning begin!



Among  the many stresses that come with adapting to the new normal of distance learning is the thought of its upkeep and daily maintenance. The Educ8 EXP team provides hassle-free maintenance for you and your students and offers customer support to swiftly respond to your concerns.

Be productive

Save time setting up lessons, utilizing multiple platforms. Let Educ8 EXP help you in simplifying both the teaching and learning process. With a streamlined learning management system, maximize your productivity and put your time and focus on where it truly matters — reaching out to your students.


Do it online

While distance learning primarily promotes an individualized kind of learning, it shouldn’t stop the much-needed collaboration and dialog between teachers and students. Bring the joy and cooperation felt inside classrooms online with real time chat boxes provided for active discussions and discourse throughout the class.

No learners left behind!

This is the ultimate goal of Educ8 EXP, to see every students at par with students from highly developed nations. By giving them the access to efficient learning management systems like Educ8 EXP, they not only develop the skills and knowledge they need in order to step up, but they are also geared with the technological proficiency to further empower them as global citizens and highly competent members of the modern workforce.