Course Creators

Course Creators

We value and respect every course creator. We are targeting building a community of Course Creators and creating a platform for them where they can maximize their potential without the hassle of thinking about the IT side of things. They can target more audiences and it’ll serve as an additional revenue stream for them while not dropping their own copyrights to their courses. That’s why We Value Course Creators.

For the future of modern education

What are Course Creators?

Based on “An online course creator is an entrepreneur, educator, thought leader, expert, or professional who creates virtual learning materials for a targeted audience. Online course creators use different learning management systems that provide people access to online classes. Students go through the learning materials online, perform exercises, and then towards the end may complete exams in order to test their skills and knowledge.”

Course Creators will also benefit from the system for the following reasons:

Reach a wider audience.

Easy management

Work from anywhere

No material, extra costs or paperwork involved.

Flexibility of time

Start out free

Are you a Course Creator that wants to be part of this community, we’re all ears for you!
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