For Schools

Educational Institutions

Educ8 EXP started as “Educ8” because we were created due to the crisis of the Educational system during the first months of lockdown in the Philippines. With that being said, Educational institutions are the first to benefit from this system. That’s why We Value our Schools.

For the future of modern education

Education as the foundation of success

Based on the Policy Brief: Education during COVID-19 and beyond AUGUST 2020 page 3, “Education is not only a fundamental human right. It is an enabling right with direct impact on the realization of all other human rights. It is a global common good and a primary driver of progress across all 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a bedrock of just, equal, inclusive peaceful societies. When education systems collapse, peace, prosperous and productive societies cannot be sustained.” Schools are very important in attaining these goals and we at Educ8 want to give a helping hand to our dear educational institutions.

Educational Institutions are the first to benefit from the system because of the following reasons:

They can conduct their usual operations through the use of LMS

Administrative functions will be made more feasible despite the new workplace set-up.

Communication can be made faster using real-time chat and conferencing.

Using an LMS is an innovation to the current educational system.


Using an LMS can reduce expenses for some utilities.

There is an opportunity for more profit using the system.

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